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LXMERT: Learning Cross-Modality Encoder Representations from Transformers

huggingface/transformers IJCNLP 2019

In LXMERT, we build a large-scale Transformer model that consists of three encoders: an object relationship encoder, a language encoder, and a cross-modality encoder.

Language Modelling Question Answering +2

Inferring and Executing Programs for Visual Reasoning

facebookresearch/clevr-iep ICCV 2017

Existing methods for visual reasoning attempt to directly map inputs to outputs using black-box architectures without explicitly modeling the underlying reasoning processes.

Visual Question Answering Visual Reasoning

Learning to Compose Dynamic Tree Structures for Visual Contexts

KaihuaTang/Scene-Graph-Benchmark.pytorch CVPR 2019

We propose to compose dynamic tree structures that place the objects in an image into a visual context, helping visual reasoning tasks such as scene graph generation and visual Q&A.

Graph Generation Scene Graph Generation +2

Learning by Abstraction: The Neural State Machine

stanfordnlp/mac-network NeurIPS 2019

We introduce the Neural State Machine, seeking to bridge the gap between the neural and symbolic views of AI and integrate their complementary strengths for the task of visual reasoning.

Visual Question Answering Visual Reasoning

GQA: A New Dataset for Real-World Visual Reasoning and Compositional Question Answering

stanfordnlp/mac-network CVPR 2019

We introduce GQA, a new dataset for real-world visual reasoning and compositional question answering, seeking to address key shortcomings of previous VQA datasets.

Question Answering Visual Question Answering +1

Compositional Attention Networks for Machine Reasoning

stanfordnlp/mac-network ICLR 2018

We present the MAC network, a novel fully differentiable neural network architecture, designed to facilitate explicit and expressive reasoning.

Visual Question Answering Visual Reasoning

PHYRE: A New Benchmark for Physical Reasoning

facebookresearch/phyre NeurIPS 2019

The benchmark is designed to encourage the development of learning algorithms that are sample-efficient and generalize well across puzzles.

Visual Reasoning

VisualBERT: A Simple and Performant Baseline for Vision and Language

uclanlp/visualbert 9 Aug 2019

We propose VisualBERT, a simple and flexible framework for modeling a broad range of vision-and-language tasks.

Language Modelling Visual Question Answering +1

ViLT: Vision-and-Language Transformer Without Convolution or Region Supervision

dandelin/vilt 5 Feb 2021

Vision-and-Language Pre-training (VLP) has improved performance on various joint vision-and-language downstream tasks.

Cross-Modal Retrieval Visual Question Answering +2