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Named Entity Recognition for Social Media Texts with Semantic Augmentation

cuhksz-nlp/SANER EMNLP 2020

In particular, we obtain the augmented semantic information from a large-scale corpus, and propose an attentive semantic augmentation module and a gate module to encode and aggregate such information, respectively.

Chinese Named Entity Recognition +1

Transition-Based Deep Input Linearization


Traditional methods for deep NLG adopt pipeline approaches comprising stages such as constructing syntactic input, predicting function words, linearizing the syntactic input and generating the surface forms.

Data-to-Text Generation +1

Neural Abstractive Unsupervised Summarization of Online News Discussions

nachotp/BertCommentSum 7 Jun 2021

Our novel approach provides a summary that represents the most relevant aspects of a news item that users comment on, incorporating the social context as a source of information to summarize texts in online social networks.

Abstractive Text Summarization

Marginalizable Density Models

dargilboa/mdma 8 Jun 2021

Probability density models based on deep networks have achieved remarkable success in modeling complex high-dimensional datasets.

Density Estimation +1