3D Classification

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Subdivision-Based Mesh Convolution Networks

lzhengning/SubdivNet 4 Jun 2021

Meshes with arbitrary connectivity can be remeshed to hold Loop subdivision sequence connectivity via self-parameterization, making SubdivNet a general approach.

3D Classification

Task-Oriented Feature Distillation

ArchipLab-LinfengZhang/Task-Oriented-Feature-Distillation NeurIPS 2020

Moreover, an orthogonal loss is applied to the feature resizing layer in TOFD to improve the performance of knowledge distillation.

3D Classification General Classification +2

MeshWalker: Deep Mesh Understanding by Random Walks

AlonLahav/MeshWalker 9 Jun 2020

Each walk is organized as a list of vertices, which in some manner imposes regularity on the mesh.

3D Classification 3D Object Recognition +1

PointHop++: A Lightweight Learning Model on Point Sets for 3D Classification

minzhang-1/PointHop2 9 Feb 2020

The PointHop method was recently proposed by Zhang et al. for 3D point cloud classification with unsupervised feature extraction.

3D Classification 3D Point Cloud Classification +2

3D Object Recognition with Ensemble Learning --- A Study of Point Cloud-Based Deep Learning Models

dkoguciuk/ensemble_learning_for_point_clouds 17 Apr 2019

In this study, we present an analysis of model-based ensemble learning for 3D point-cloud object classification and detection.

3D Classification 3D Object Detection +4

VA-GCN: A Vector Attention Graph Convolution Network for learning on Point Clouds

hht1996ok/VA-GCN 1 Jun 2021

Owing to the development of research on local aggregation operators, dramatic breakthrough has been made in point cloud analysis models.

3D Classification