Visual Tracking

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Visual Tracking is an essential and actively researched problem in the field of computer vision with various real-world applications such as robotic services, smart surveillance systems, autonomous driving, and human-computer interaction. It refers to the automatic estimation of the trajectory of an arbitrary target object, usually specified by a bounding box in the first frame, as it moves around in subsequent video frames.

Source: Learning Reinforced Attentional Representation for End-to-End Visual Tracking

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SiamRPN++: Evolution of Siamese Visual Tracking with Very Deep Networks

STVIR/pysot CVPR 2019

Moreover, we propose a new model architecture to perform depth-wise and layer-wise aggregations, which not only further improves the accuracy but also reduces the model size.

Visual Object Tracking Visual Tracking

Fast Online Object Tracking and Segmentation: A Unifying Approach

foolwood/SiamMask CVPR 2019

In this paper we illustrate how to perform both visual object tracking and semi-supervised video object segmentation, in real-time, with a single simple approach.

Real-Time Visual Tracking Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation +2

Learning Target Candidate Association to Keep Track of What Not to Track

visionml/pytracking 30 Mar 2021

To tackle the problem of lacking ground-truth correspondences between distractor objects in visual tracking, we propose a training strategy that combines partial annotations with self-supervision.

Visual Tracking

Probabilistic Regression for Visual Tracking

visionml/pytracking CVPR 2020

In this work, we therefore propose a probabilistic regression formulation and apply it to tracking.

Visual Tracking

Learning Discriminative Model Prediction for Tracking

visionml/pytracking ICCV 2019

The current strive towards end-to-end trainable computer vision systems imposes major challenges for the task of visual tracking.

Visual Object Tracking Visual Tracking

ATOM: Accurate Tracking by Overlap Maximization

visionml/pytracking CVPR 2019

We argue that this approach is fundamentally limited since target estimation is a complex task, requiring high-level knowledge about the object.

General Classification Visual Object Tracking +1

Distractor-aware Siamese Networks for Visual Object Tracking

foolwood/DaSiamRPN ECCV 2018

During the off-line training phase, an effective sampling strategy is introduced to control this distribution and make the model focus on the semantic distractors.

Incremental Learning Visual Object Tracking +1

High Performance Visual Tracking With Siamese Region Proposal Network

foolwood/DaSiamRPN CVPR 2018

Visual object tracking has been a fundamental topic in recent years and many deep learning based trackers have achieved state-of-the-art performance on multiple benchmarks.

Region Proposal Visual Object Tracking +1

SiamFC++: Towards Robust and Accurate Visual Tracking with Target Estimation Guidelines

MegviiDetection/video_analyst 14 Nov 2019

Following these guidelines, we design our Fully Convolutional Siamese tracker++ (SiamFC++) by introducing both classification and target state estimation branch(G1), classification score without ambiguity(G2), tracking without prior knowledge(G3), and estimation quality score(G4).

General Classification Robust classification +1