Video Forensics

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Frame-rate Up-conversion Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Network for Learning Spatiotemporal Features

25 Mar 2021

The proposed network uses a stack of consecutive frames as the input and effectively learns interpolation artifacts using network blocks to learn spatiotemporal features.

Video Forensics

Towards Cross-Modal Forgery Detection and Localization on Live Surveillance Videos

4 Jan 2021

Traditional video forensics approaches can detect and localize forgery traces in each video frame using computationally-expensive spatial-temporal analysis, while falling short in real-time verification of live video feeds.

Time Series Video Forensics Cryptography and Security

Deepfake Video Forensics based on Transfer Learning

29 Apr 2020

This technique has been tested on the Face Forensics dataset and obtained good accuracy in detection.

DeepFake Detection Face Swapping +3

Learning and Using the Arrow of Time

CVPR 2018

We seek to understand the arrow of time in videos -- what makes videos look like they are playing forwards or backwards?

Self-Supervised Action Recognition Video Forensics