Talking Head Generation

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Talking head generation is the task of generating a talking face from a set of images of a person.

( Image credit: Few-Shot Adversarial Learning of Realistic Neural Talking Head Models )

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A Lip Sync Expert Is All You Need for Speech to Lip Generation In The Wild

Rudrabha/Wav2Lip 23 Aug 2020

However, they fail to accurately morph the lip movements of arbitrary identities in dynamic, unconstrained talking face videos, resulting in significant parts of the video being out-of-sync with the new audio.

Unconstrained Lip-synchronization

Fast Bi-layer Neural Synthesis of One-Shot Realistic Head Avatars

saic-violet/bilayer-model ECCV 2020

The texture image is generated offline, warped and added to the coarse image to ensure a high effective resolution of synthesized head views.

Neural Rendering Talking Head Generation

ReenactGAN: Learning to Reenact Faces via Boundary Transfer

wywu/ReenactGAN ECCV 2018

A transformer is subsequently used to adapt the boundary of source face to the boundary of target face.

Face Reenactment Talking Face Generation +1

Talking-head Generation with Rhythmic Head Motion

lelechen63/Talking-head-Generation-with-Rhythmic-Head-Motion 16 Jul 2020

When people deliver a speech, they naturally move heads, and this rhythmic head motion conveys prosodic information.

Talking Head Generation

What comprises a good talking-head video generation?: A Survey and Benchmark

lelechen63/talking-head-generation-survey 7 May 2020

In this work, we present a carefully-designed benchmark for evaluating talking-head video generation with standardized dataset pre-processing strategies.

Talking Head Generation Video Generation

Write-a-speaker: Text-based Emotional and Rhythmic Talking-head Generation

FuxiVirtualHuman/Write-a-Speaker 16 Apr 2021

To be specific, our framework consists of a speaker-independent stage and a speaker-specific stage.

Face Model Motion Capture +2