Talking Face Generation

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Talking face generation aims to synthesize a sequence of face images that correspond to given speech semantics.

( Image credit: Talking Face Generation by Adversarially Disentangled Audio-Visual Representation )

Latest papers without code

Speech Driven Talking Face Generation from a Single Image and an Emotion Condition

8 Aug 2020

Specifically, we design an end-to-end talking face generation system that takes a speech utterance, a single face image, and a categorical emotion label as input to render a talking face video in sync with the speech and expressing the condition emotion.

Emotion Recognition Talking Face Generation

Identity-Preserving Realistic Talking Face Generation

25 May 2020

The necessary attributes of having a realistic face animation are 1) audio-visual synchronization (2) identity preservation of the target individual (3) plausible mouth movements (4) presence of natural eye blinks.

Audio-Visual Synchronization Image Reconstruction +1

Arbitrary Talking Face Generation via Attentional Audio-Visual Coherence Learning

17 Dec 2018

Talking face generation aims to synthesize a face video with precise lip synchronization as well as a smooth transition of facial motion over the entire video via the given speech clip and facial image.

Talking Face Generation