Photo-To-Caricature Translation

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Photo-to-caricature translation is the task of adapting a photo to a cartoon or sketch.

( Image credit: WarpGAN )


Latest papers with code

WarpGAN: Automatic Caricature Generation

seasonSH/WarpGAN CVPR 2019

We propose, WarpGAN, a fully automatic network that can generate caricatures given an input face photo.

Photo-To-Caricature Translation

25 Nov 2018

Unpaired Photo-to-Caricature Translation on Faces in the Wild

zhengziqiang/P2C 29 Nov 2017

We present an approach for learning to translate faces in the wild from the source photo domain to the target caricature domain with different styles, which can also be used for other high-level image-to-image translation tasks.

Caricature Photo-To-Caricature Translation +1

29 Nov 2017