Photo-To-Caricature Translation

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Photo-to-caricature translation is the task of adapting a photo to a cartoon or sketch.

( Image credit: WarpGAN )


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cGANs for Cartoon to Real-life Images

24 Jan 2021

The image-to-image translation is a learning task to establish a visual mapping between an input and output image.

Caricature Photo-To-Caricature Translation +1

Unsupervised Contrastive Photo-to-Caricature Translation based on Auto-distortion

10 Nov 2020

Considering the intuitive artifacts in the existing methods, we propose a contrastive style loss for style rendering to enforce the similarity between the style of rendered photo and the caricature, and simultaneously enhance its discrepancy to the photos.

Caricature Photo-To-Caricature Translation

CariGANs: Unpaired Photo-to-Caricature Translation

1 Nov 2018

Facial caricature is an art form of drawing faces in an exaggerated way to convey humor or sarcasm.

Caricature Photo-To-Caricature Translation