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Explainable Tsetlin Machine framework for fake news detection with credibility score assessment

cair/TsetlinMachine 19 May 2021

The proliferation of fake news, i. e., news intentionally spread for misinformation, poses a threat to individuals and society.

Fact Checking Fake News Detection +2

A large-scale COVID-19 Twitter chatter dataset for open scientific research -- an international collaboration

thepanacealab/covid19_twitter 7 Apr 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues its march around the world, an unprecedented amount of open data is being generated for genetics and epidemiological research.


Team Alex at CLEF CheckThat! 2020: Identifying Check-Worthy Tweets With Transformer Models

BinWang28/SBERT-WK-Sentence-Embedding 7 Sep 2020

While misinformation and disinformation have been thriving in social media for years, with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the political and the health misinformation merged, thus elevating the problem to a whole new level and giving rise to the first global infodemic.

Fact Checking Misinformation

User Preference-aware Fake News Detection

safe-graph/GNN-FakeNews 25 Apr 2021

The majority of existing fake news detection algorithms focus on mining news content and/or the surrounding exogenous context for discovering deceptive signals; while the endogenous preference of a user when he/she decides to spread a piece of fake news or not is ignored.

Fact Checking Fake News Detection +2

Combining Fact Extraction and Verification with Neural Semantic Matching Networks

easonnie/combine-FEVER-NSMN 16 Nov 2018

The increasing concern with misinformation has stimulated research efforts on automatic fact checking.

Fact Checking Fact Verification +2

CoAID: COVID-19 Healthcare Misinformation Dataset

cuilimeng/CoAID 22 May 2020

As the COVID-19 virus quickly spreads around the world, unfortunately, misinformation related to COVID-19 also gets created and spreads like wild fire.


Some Like it Hoax: Automated Fake News Detection in Social Networks

gabll/some-like-it-hoax 25 Apr 2017

As a contribution towards this objective, we show that Facebook posts can be classified with high accuracy as hoaxes or non-hoaxes on the basis of the users who "liked" them.

Fake News Detection General Classification +1

Where Are the Facts? Searching for Fact-checked Information to Alleviate the Spread of Fake News

nguyenvo09/EMNLP2020 EMNLP 2020

The search can directly warn fake news posters and online users (e. g. the posters' followers) about misinformation, discourage them from spreading fake news, and scale up verified content on social media.

Ad-Hoc Information Retrieval Fact Checking +5

Finding Streams in Knowledge Graphs to Support Fact Checking

shiralkarprashant/knowledgestream 24 Aug 2017

The volume and velocity of information that gets generated online limits current journalistic practices to fact-check claims at the same rate.

Fact Checking Knowledge Graphs +1