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Image Manipulation Detection by Multi-View Multi-Scale Supervision

14 Apr 2021

The key challenge of image manipulation detection is how to learn generalizable features that are sensitive to manipulations in novel data, whilst specific to prevent false alarms on authentic images.

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Holistic Image Manipulation Detection using Pixel Co-occurrence Matrices

12 Apr 2021

While most detection methods in literature focus on detecting a particular type of manipulation, it is challenging to identify doctored images that involve a host of manipulations.

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PSCC-Net: Progressive Spatio-Channel Correlation Network for Image Manipulation Detection and Localization

19 Mar 2021

To defend against manipulation of image content, such as splicing, copy-move, and removal, we develop a Progressive Spatio-Channel Correlation Network (PSCC-Net) to detect and localize image manipulations.

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Effects of Image Compression on Face Image Manipulation Detection: A Case Study on Facial Retouching

5 Mar 2021

Results obtained from challenging cross-database experiments in which the analyzed retouching technique is unknown during training yield interesting findings: (1) most competitive detection performance is achieved for differential scenarios employing deep face representations; (2) image compression severely impacts the performance of face image manipulation detection schemes based on texture descriptors while methods utilizing deep face representations are found to be highly robust; (3) in some cases, the application of image compression might as well improve detection performance.

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L2-Constrained RemNet for Camera Model Identification and Image Manipulation Detection

10 Sep 2020

Furthermore, we attain an overall accuracy of 99. 68% in image manipulation detection, which implies that it can be used as a general-purpose network for image forensic tasks.

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SpliceRadar: A Learned Method For Blind Image Forensics

27 Jun 2019

It comprises a novel approach for learning rich filters and for suppressing image-edges.

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A Skip Connection Architecture for Localization of Image Manipulations

IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops 2019

In order to exploit these traces in localizing the tampered regions, we propose an encoder-decoder based network where we fuse representations from early layers in the encoder (which are richer in low-level spatial cues, like edges) by skip pooling with representations of the last layer of the decoder and use for manipulation detection.

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Universal Image Manipulation Detection using Deep Siamese Convolutional Neural Network

20 Aug 2018

Detection of different types of image editing operations carried out on an image is an important problem in image forensics.

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Boosting Image Forgery Detection using Resampling Features and Copy-move analysis

9 Feb 2018

Realistic image forgeries involve a combination of splicing, resampling, cloning, region removal and other methods.

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