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MesoNet: a Compact Facial Video Forgery Detection Network

DariusAf/MesoNet 4 Sep 2018

This paper presents a method to automatically and efficiently detect face tampering in videos, and particularly focuses on two recent techniques used to generate hyper-realistic forged videos: Deepfake and Face2Face.

DeepFake Detection Face Swapping +2

Fighting Fake News: Image Splice Detection via Learned Self-Consistency

minyoungg/selfconsistency ECCV 2018

In this paper, we propose a learning algorithm for detecting visual image manipulations that is trained only using a large dataset of real photographs.

Image Forensics

ManTra-Net: Manipulation Tracing Network for Detection and Localization of Image Forgeries With Anomalous Features

ISICV/ManTraNet CVPR 2019

To fight against real-life image forgery, which commonly involves different types and combined manipulations, we propose a unified deep neural architecture called ManTra-Net.

Anomaly Detection Fake Image Detection +2

Leveraging Frequency Analysis for Deep Fake Image Recognition

RUB-SysSec/GANDCTAnalysis ICML 2020

Based on this analysis, we demonstrate how the frequency representation can be used to identify deep fake images in an automated way, surpassing state-of-the-art methods.

Image Forensics

Constrained R-CNN: A general image manipulation detection model

HuizhouLi/Constrained-R-CNN 19 Nov 2019

Finally, the coarse localization information guides the model to further learn the finer local features and segment out the tampered region.

General Classification Image Forensics +3

Dissecting Image Crops

basilevh/dissecting-image-crops 24 Nov 2020

The elementary operation of cropping underpins nearly every computer vision system, ranging from data augmentation and translation invariance to computational photography and representation learning.

Data Augmentation Image Cropping +3

A Full-Image Full-Resolution End-to-End-Trainable CNN Framework for Image Forgery Detection

FrancescoMarra/E2E-ForgeryDetection 15 Sep 2019

Due to limited computational and memory resources, current deep learning models accept only rather small images in input, calling for preliminary image resizing.

Image Forensics

An Adaptive Neural Network for Unsupervised Mosaic Consistency Analysis in Image Forensics

qbammey/adaptive_cfa_forensics CVPR 2020

Automatically finding suspicious regions in a potentially forged image by splicing, inpainting or copy-move remains a widely open problem.

Demosaicking Image Forensics

CNN-based fast source device identification

polimi-ispl/cnn-fast-sdi 31 Jan 2020

Source identification is an important topic in image forensics, since it allows to trace back the origin of an image.

Image Forensics