Horizon Line Estimation

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Neural-Guided RANSAC: Learning Where to Sample Model Hypotheses

vislearn/ngransac ICCV 2019

In contrast, we learn hypothesis search in a principled fashion that lets us optimize an arbitrary task loss during training, leading to large improvements on classic computer vision tasks.

Camera Localization Horizon Line Estimation +1

Detecting Vanishing Points using Global Image Context in a Non-Manhattan World

viibridges/gc-horizon-detector CVPR 2016

Our method reverses this process: we propose a set of horizon line candidates and score each based on the vanishing points it contains.

Horizon Line Estimation

Horizon Lines in the Wild

scottworkman/deephorizon 7 Apr 2016

The horizon line is an important contextual attribute for a wide variety of image understanding tasks.

Horizon Line Estimation

A-Contrario Horizon-First Vanishing Point Detection Using Second-Order Grouping Laws

alexvonduar/V ECCV 2018

We show that, in images of man-made environments, the horizon line can usually be hypothesized based on an a contrario detection of second-order grouping events.

Horizon Line Estimation

Temporally Consistent Horizon Lines

fkluger/tchl 23 Jul 2019

The horizon line is an important geometric feature for many image processing and scene understanding tasks in computer vision.

3D Reconstruction Autonomous Vehicles +2