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Imperceptible Adversarial Examples for Fake Image Detection

3 Jun 2021

Fooling people with highly realistic fake images generated with Deepfake or GANs brings a great social disturbance to our society.

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Fake-image detection with Robust Hashing

2 Feb 2021

In this paper, we investigate whether robust hashing has a possibility to robustly detect fake-images even when multiple manipulation techniques such as JPEG compression are applied to images for the first time.

Fake Image Detection

CycleGAN without checkerboard artifacts for counter-forensics of fake-image detection

1 Dec 2020

In this paper, we propose a novel CycleGAN without checkerboard artifacts for counter-forensics of fake-image detection.

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FakePolisher: Making DeepFakes More Detection-Evasive by Shallow Reconstruction

13 Jun 2020

At this moment, GAN-based image generation methods are still imperfect, whose upsampling design has limitations in leaving some certain artifact patterns in the synthesized image.

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Global Texture Enhancement for Fake Face Detection in the Wild

CVPR 2020

In this paper, we conduct an empirical study on fake/real faces, and have two important observations: firstly, the texture of fake faces is substantially different from real ones; secondly, global texture statistics are more robust to image editing and transferable to fake faces from different GANs and datasets.

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