Face Sketch Synthesis

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Face sketch synthesis is the task of generating a sketch from an input face photo.

( Image credit: High-Quality Facial Photo-Sketch Synthesis Using Multi-Adversarial Networks )

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Bridging Unpaired Facial Photos And Sketches By Line-drawings

fei-hdu/sRender 1 Feb 2021

In this paper, we propose a novel method to learn face sketch synthesis models by using unpaired data.

Face Sketch Synthesis Image-to-Image Translation +1

01 Feb 2021

TediGAN: Text-Guided Diverse Face Image Generation and Manipulation

weihaox/TediGAN 6 Dec 2020

In this work, we propose TediGAN, a novel framework for multi-modal image generation and manipulation with textual descriptions.

Face Sketch Synthesis Text-to-Image Generation

06 Dec 2020

Face Sketch Synthesis with Style Transfer using Pyramid Column Feature

chaofengc/Face-Sketch 18 Sep 2020

We utilize a fully convolutional neural network (FCNN) to create the content image, and propose a style transfer approach to introduce textures and shadings based on a newly proposed pyramid column feature.

Face Sketch Synthesis Style Transfer

18 Sep 2020

Scoot: A Perceptual Metric for Facial Sketches

DengPingFan/Scoot ICCV 2019

In this paper, we design a perceptual metric, called Structure Co-Occurrence Texture (Scoot), which simultaneously considers the block-level spatial structure and co-occurrence texture statistics.

Face Sketch Synthesis SSIM

21 Aug 2019

Semi-Supervised Learning for Face Sketch Synthesis in the Wild

chaofengc/Face-Sketch-Wild 12 Dec 2018

Instead of supervising the network with ground truth sketches, we first perform patch matching in feature space between the input photo and photos in a small reference set of photo-sketch pairs.

Face Sketch Synthesis Patch Matching

12 Dec 2018

Face Sketch Synthesis Style Similarity:A New Structure Co-occurrence Texture Measure

DengPingFan/Scoot 9 Apr 2018

However, human perception of the similarity of two sketches will consider both structure and texture as essential factors and is not sensitive to slight ("pixel-level") mismatches.

Face Sketch Synthesis

09 Apr 2018

Towards Realistic Face Photo-Sketch Synthesis via Composition-Aided GANs

fei-hdu/ca-gan 4 Dec 2017

Experimental results show that our method is capable of generating both visually comfortable and identity-preserving face sketches/photos over a wide range of challenging data.

 Ranked #1 on Face Sketch Synthesis on CUFS (FID metric)

Face Sketch Synthesis

04 Dec 2017

High-Quality Facial Photo-Sketch Synthesis Using Multi-Adversarial Networks

lidan1/PhotoSketchMAN 27 Oct 2017

To this end, we propose a novel synthesis framework called Photo-Sketch Synthesis using Multi-Adversarial Networks, (PS2-MAN) that iteratively generates low resolution to high resolution images in an adversarial way.

Face Sketch Synthesis Image Quality Assessment +1

27 Oct 2017