Face Sketch Synthesis

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Face sketch synthesis is the task of generating a sketch from an input face photo.

( Image credit: High-Quality Facial Photo-Sketch Synthesis Using Multi-Adversarial Networks )

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Fast Preprocessing for Robust Face Sketch Synthesis

1 Aug 2017

Exemplar-based face sketch synthesis methods usually meet the challenging problem that input photos are captured in different lighting conditions from training photos.

Face Sketch Synthesis

Random Sampling for Fast Face Sketch Synthesis

8 Jan 2017

The most time-consuming or main computation complexity for exemplar-based face sketch synthesis methods lies in the neighbor selection process.

Face Hallucination Face Sketch Synthesis

Training-Free Synthesized Face Sketch Recognition Using Image Quality Assessment Metrics

25 Mar 2016

In this paper, we proposed a synthesized face sketch recognition framework based on full-reference image quality assessment metrics.

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