Face Generation

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Face generation is the task of generating (or interpolating) new faces from an existing dataset.

The state-of-the-art results for this task are located in the Image Generation parent.

( Image credit: Progressive Growing of GANs for Improved Quality, Stability, and Variation )


Greatest papers with code

DeepFakes and Beyond: A Survey of Face Manipulation and Fake Detection

deepfakes/faceswap 1 Jan 2020

The free access to large-scale public databases, together with the fast progress of deep learning techniques, in particular Generative Adversarial Networks, have led to the generation of very realistic fake content with its corresponding implications towards society in this era of fake news.

DeepFake Detection Face Generation +1

Few-shot Knowledge Transfer for Fine-grained Cartoon Face Generation

minivision-ai/photo2cartoon 27 Jul 2020

In this paper, we are interested in generating fine-grained cartoon faces for various groups.

Face Generation Transfer Learning

GANimation: Anatomically-aware Facial Animation from a Single Image

albertpumarola/GANimation ECCV 2018

Recent advances in Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have shown impressive results for task of facial expression synthesis.

Conditional Image Generation Face Generation +1

A Multiresolution 3D Morphable Face Model and Fitting Framework

patrikhuber/eos 1 Feb 2016

In this paper, we present the Surrey Face Model, a multi-resolution 3D Morphable Model that we make available to the public for non-commercial purposes.

3D Face Reconstruction Face Generation +4

InterFaceGAN: Interpreting the Disentangled Face Representation Learned by GANs

genforce/interfacegan 18 May 2020

In this work, we propose a framework called InterFaceGAN to interpret the disentangled face representation learned by the state-of-the-art GAN models and study the properties of the facial semantics encoded in the latent space.

Face Generation GAN inversion

Interpreting the Latent Space of GANs for Semantic Face Editing

genforce/interfacegan CVPR 2020

In this work, we propose a novel framework, called InterFaceGAN, for semantic face editing by interpreting the latent semantics learned by GANs.

Face Generation GAN inversion +1

Talking Face Generation by Adversarially Disentangled Audio-Visual Representation

Hangz-nju-cuhk/Talking-Face-Generation-DAVS 20 Jul 2018

Talking face generation aims to synthesize a sequence of face images that correspond to a clip of speech.

Lip Reading Talking Face Generation +1

Photo-Realistic Facial Details Synthesis from Single Image

apchenstu/Facial_Details_Synthesis ICCV 2019

Our technique employs expression analysis for proxy face geometry generation and combines supervised and unsupervised learning for facial detail synthesis.

Face Generation