Entity Disambiguation

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Entity Disambiguation is the task of linking mentions of ambiguous entities to their referent entities in a knowledge base such as Wikipedia.

Source: Leveraging Deep Neural Networks and Knowledge Graphs for Entity Disambiguation

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Evaluating the Impact of Knowledge Graph Context on Entity Disambiguation Models

mulangonando/Impact-of-KG-Context-on-ED 12 Aug 2020

We further hypothesize that our proposed KG context can be standardized for Wikipedia, and we evaluate the impact of KG context on state-of-the-art NED model for the Wikipedia knowledge base.

Entity Disambiguation

Fast and Effective Biomedical Entity Linking Using a Dual Encoder

kingsaint/BioMedical-EL 8 Mar 2021

Additionally, we modify our dual encoder model for end-to-end biomedical entity linking that performs both mention span detection and entity disambiguation and out-performs two recently proposed models.

Entity Disambiguation Entity Linking

Uncovering the Semantics of Wikipedia Categories

nheist/Cat2Ax 28 Jun 2019

The Wikipedia category graph serves as the taxonomic backbone for large-scale knowledge graphs like YAGO or Probase, and has been used extensively for tasks like entity disambiguation or semantic similarity estimation.

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Be Concise and Precise: Synthesizing Open-Domain Entity Descriptions from Facts

kingsaint/Wikidata-Descriptions 16 Apr 2019

Despite being vast repositories of factual information, cross-domain knowledge graphs, such as Wikidata and the Google Knowledge Graph, only sparsely provide short synoptic descriptions for entities.

Entity Disambiguation Knowledge Graphs

Entity Linking with a Paraphrase Flavor

masha-p/paraphrase_flavor LREC 2016

The task of Named Entity Linking is to link entity mentions in the document to their correct entries in a knowledge base and to cluster NIL mentions.

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