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Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). The task is to train one-or-more agents to play and win the game.

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Proximal Policy Optimization Algorithms

20 Jul 2017NervanaSystems/coach

We propose a new family of policy gradient methods for reinforcement learning, which alternate between sampling data through interaction with the environment, and optimizing a "surrogate" objective function using stochastic gradient ascent.


An Empirical Model of Large-Batch Training

14 Dec 2018astooke/rlpyt

In an increasing number of domains it has been demonstrated that deep learning models can be trained using relatively large batch sizes without sacrificing data efficiency.


Time to Die: Death Prediction in Dota 2 using Deep Learning

21 May 2019adam-katona/dota2_death_prediction

Even though death events are rare within a game (1\% of the data), the model achieves 0. 377 precision with 0. 725 recall on test data when prompted to predict which of any of the 10 players of either team will die within 5 seconds.