Camera Localization

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End-to-end learning of keypoint detection and matching for relative pose estimation

2 Apr 2021

We demonstrate our method for the task of visual localization of a query image within a database of images with known pose.

Camera Localization Keypoint Detection +1

Motion-based Camera Localization System in Colonoscopy Videos

3 Dec 2020

In this study, we propose a camera localization system to estimate the relative location of the camera and classify the colon into anatomical segments.

Camera Localization General Classification +1

Co-Attention for Conditioned Image Matching

16 Jul 2020

We propose a new approach to determine correspondences between image pairs in the wild under large changes in illumination, viewpoint, context, and material.

3D Reconstruction Camera Localization +2

PoseGAN: A Pose-to-Image Translation Framework for Camera Localization

23 Jun 2020

We present PoseGANs, a conditional generative adversarial networks (cGANs) based framework for the implementation of pose-to-image translation.

Camera Localization Pose Estimation

3D Scene Geometry-Aware Constraint for Camera Localization with Deep Learning

13 May 2020

Camera localization is a fundamental and key component of autonomous driving vehicles and mobile robots to localize themselves globally for further environment perception, path planning and motion control.

Autonomous Driving Camera Localization

6D Camera Relocalization in Ambiguous Scenes via Continuous Multimodal Inference

ECCV 2020

We present a multimodal camera relocalization framework that captures ambiguities and uncertainties with continuous mixture models defined on the manifold of camera poses.

Camera Relocalization

Monocular Camera Localization in Prior LiDAR Maps with 2D-3D Line Correspondences

1 Apr 2020

With the pose prediction from VIO, we can efficiently obtain coarse 2D-3D line correspondences.

Camera Localization Pose Prediction +1

VMLoc: Variational Fusion For Learning-Based Multimodal Camera Localization

12 Mar 2020

We conjecture that this is because of the naive approaches to feature space fusion through summation or concatenation which do not take into account the different strengths of each modality.

Camera Relocalization Visual Localization

Monocular Direct Sparse Localization in a Prior 3D Surfel Map

23 Feb 2020

The tracked points with and without the global planar information involve both global and local constraints of frames to the system.

Camera Localization