Similarity of Neural Network Representations Revisited

ICML 2019 google-research/google-research

We introduce a similarity index that measures the relationship between representational similarity matrices and does not suffer from this limitation.

The State of Sparsity in Deep Neural Networks

25 Feb 2019google-research/google-research

We rigorously evaluate three state-of-the-art techniques for inducing sparsity in deep neural networks on two large-scale learning tasks: Transformer trained on WMT 2014 English-to-German, and ResNet-50 trained on ImageNet.


NoRML: No-Reward Meta Learning

4 Mar 2019google-research/google-research

To this end, we introduce a method that allows for self-adaptation of learned policies: No-Reward Meta Learning (NoRML).


Google Research Football: A Novel Reinforcement Learning Environment

25 Jul 2019

Recent progress in the field of reinforcement learning has been accelerated by virtual learning environments such as video games, where novel algorithms and ideas can be quickly tested in a safe and reproducible manner.


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