From Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics

22 Feb 20141 code implementation

To demonstrate the power of our approach in a real-world setting we study an inventory management problem faced by the distribution arm of an international media conglomerate, which ships an average of 1bil units per year.


Exploring Algorithmic Fairness in Robust Graph Covering Problems

NeurIPS 2019 1 code implementation

Motivated by real-world deployment of AI driven, social-network based suicide prevention and landslide risk management interventions, this paper focuses on a robust graph covering problem subject to group fairness constraints.

Uncertainty Management for Fuzzy Decision Support Systems

27 Mar 2013no code implementations

A new approach for uncertainty management for fuzzy, rule based decision support systems is proposed: The domain expert's knowledge is expressed by a set of rules that frequently refer to vague and uncertain propositions.

Extending Term Subsumption systems for Uncertainty Management

27 Mar 2013no code implementations

The objective of this research is to bring together two complementary knowledge representation schemes: term subsumption languages, which represent and reason about defining characteristics of concepts, and proximate reasoning models, which deal with uncertain knowledge and data in expert systems.

Combining Symbolic and Numeric Approaches to Uncertainty Management

27 Mar 2013no code implementations

A complete approach to reasoning under uncertainty requires support for incremental and interactive formulation and revision of, as well as reasoning with, models of the problem domain capable of representing our uncertainty.

Induction and Uncertainty Management Techniques Applied to Veterinary Medical Diagnosis

27 Mar 2013no code implementations

This paper discusses a project undertaken between the Departments of Computing Science, Statistics, and the College of Veterinary Medicine to design a medical diagnostic system.


Bayesian System ID: Optimal management of parameter, model, and measurement uncertainty

4 Mar 2020no code implementations

We evaluate the robustness of a probabilistic formulation of system identification (ID) to sparse, noisy, and indirect data.

An Uncertainty Management Calculus for Ordering Searches in Distributed Dynamic Databases

27 Mar 2013no code implementations

MINDS is a distributed system of cooperating query engines that customize, document retrieval for each user in a dynamic environment.

Can Uncertainty Management be Realized in a Finite Totally Ordered Probability Algebra?

27 Mar 2013no code implementations

In this paper, the feasibility of using finite totally ordered probability models under Alelinnas's Theory of Probabilistic Logic [Aleliunas, 1988] is investigated.

Multiobjective Tactical Planning under Uncertainty for Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management

16 Sep 2013no code implementations

We investigate a method to deal with congestion of sectors and delays in the tactical phase of air traffic flow and capacity management.