OpenVSLAM: A Versatile Visual SLAM Framework

2 Oct 20191 code implementation

In this paper, we introduce OpenVSLAM, a visual SLAM framework with high usability and extensibility.

Playgol: learning programs through play

18 Apr 20191 code implementation

In this approach, a program induction system (the learner) is given a set of tasks and initial background knowledge.

A disembodied developmental robotic agent called Samu Bátfai

9 Nov 201511 code implementations

The basic objective of this paper is to reach the same results using reinforcement learning with general function approximators that can be achieved by using the classical Q lookup table on small input samples.


How morphological development can guide evolution

20 Nov 20171 code implementation

Here, we report on a previously unknown phenomenon when embodied agents are allowed to develop and evolve: Evolution discovers body plans robust to control changes, these body plans become genetically assimilated, yet controllers for these agents are not assimilated.

Accelerated Inference in Markov Random Fields via Smooth Riemannian Optimization

27 Oct 20181 code implementation

We show that this approach, named Fast Unconstrained SEmidefinite Solver (FUSES), can solve large problems in milliseconds.


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