Sim-to-Real: Learning Agile Locomotion For Quadruped Robots

27 Apr 20182 code implementations

The control policies are learned in a physics simulator and then deployed on real robots.

Bayesian Optimization with Safety Constraints: Safe and Automatic Parameter Tuning in Robotics

14 Feb 20162 code implementations

Recently, a safe Bayesian optimization algorithm, called SafeOpt, has been developed, which guarantees that the performance of the system never falls below a critical value; that is, safety is defined based on the performance function.

Efficient Amortised Bayesian Inference for Hierarchical and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

28 May 20191 code implementation

Our model class is a generalisation of nonlinear mixed-effects (NLME) dynamical systems, the statistical workhorse for many experimental sciences.


Vision-based inspection system employing computer vision & neural networks for detection of fractures in manufactured components

25 Jan 20191 code implementation

We are proceeding towards the age of automation and robotic integration of our production lines [5].

Towards Intelligent Robotic Process Automation for BPMers

3 Jan 2020no code implementations

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a fast-emerging automation technology that sits between the fields of Business Process Management (BPM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and allows organizations to automate high volume routines.

Automated Discovery of Data Transformations for Robotic Process Automation

3 Jan 2020no code implementations

In this setting, this paper addresses the problem of analyzing User Interaction (UI) logs in order to discover routines where a user transfers data from one spreadsheet or (Web) form to another.

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