Automated quantum programming via reinforcement learning for combinatorial optimization

21 Aug 20191 code implementation

Relative to a set of randomly generated problem instances, agents trained through reinforcement learning techniques are capable of producing short quantum programs which generate high quality solutions on both types of quantum resources.


The Mathematics of Text Structure

6 Apr 20191 code implementation

While in DisCoCat all meanings are fixed as states (i. e. have no input), in DisCoCirc word meanings correspond to a type, or system, and the states of this system can evolve.

Automatic Differentiable Monte Carlo: Theory and Application

20 Nov 20191 code implementation

Differentiable programming has emerged as a key programming paradigm empowering rapid developments of deep learning while its applications to important computational methods such as Monte Carlo remain largely unexplored.

Extracting Success from IBM's 20-Qubit Machines Using Error-Aware Compilation

26 Mar 20191 code implementation

For a circuit within the capabilities of the hardware, our compilation increases estimated success probability and reduces KL-divergence relative to an error-oblivious placement.

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