Counterfactual Off-Policy Evaluation with Gumbel-Max Structural Causal Models

14 May 20191 code implementation

We introduce an off-policy evaluation procedure for highlighting episodes where applying a reinforcement learned (RL) policy is likely to have produced a substantially different outcome than the observed policy.

City-wide Analysis of Electronic Health Records Reveals Gender and Age Biases in the Administration of Known Drug-Drug Interactions

9 Mar 20181 code implementation

The occurrence of drug-drug-interactions (DDI) from multiple drug dispensations is a serious problem, both for individuals and health-care systems, since patients with complications due to DDI are likely to reenter the system at a costlier level.

Quasi-Monte Carlo for multivariate distributions via generative neural networks

1 Nov 20181 code implementation

So far, QRNGs for multivariate distributions required a careful design, exploiting specific properties (such as conditional distributions) of the implied copula or the underlying quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC) point set, and were only tractable for a small number of models.

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