Image Colorization with Generative Adversarial Networks

14 Mar 20185 code implementations

Over the last decade, the process of automatic image colorization has been of significant interest for several application areas including restoration of aged or degraded images.


Layered TPOT: Speeding up Tree-based Pipeline Optimization

18 Jan 20181 code implementation

With the demand for machine learning increasing, so does the demand for tools which make it easier to use.


mlpack 3: a fast, flexible machine learning library

Journal of Open Source Software 2018 1 code implementation

In the past several years, the field of machine learning has seen an explosion of interest and excitement, with hundreds or thousands of algorithms developed for different tasks every year.

Developing Bug-Free Machine Learning Systems With Formal Mathematics

ICML 2017 1 code implementation

As a case study, we implement a new system, Certigrad, for optimizing over stochastic computation graphs, and we generate a formal (i. e. machine-checkable) proof that the gradients sampled by the system are unbiased estimates of the true mathematical gradients.

SuSi: Supervised Self-Organizing Maps for Regression and Classification in Python

26 Mar 20192 code implementations

In this paper, we introduce the freely available Supervised Self-organizing maps (SuSi) Python package which performs supervised regression and classification.

LightLDA: Big Topic Models on Modest Compute Clusters

4 Dec 20141 code implementation

When building large-scale machine learning (ML) programs, such as big topic models or deep neural nets, one usually assumes such tasks can only be attempted with industrial-sized clusters with thousands of nodes, which are out of reach for most practitioners or academic researchers.


Neural Architecture Search with Bayesian Optimisation and Optimal Transport

NeurIPS 2018 1 code implementation

A common use case for BO in machine learning is model selection, where it is not possible to analytically model the generalisation performance of a statistical model, and we resort to noisy and expensive training and validation procedures to choose the best model.


Learning to Prove Theorems via Interacting with Proof Assistants

21 May 20191 code implementation

Proof assistants offer a formalism that resembles human mathematical reasoning, representing theorems in higher-order logic and proofs as high-level tactics.


Finding representative sets of optimizations for adaptive multiversioning applications

14 Jul 201411 code implementations

Iterative compilation is a widely adopted technique to optimize programs for different constraints such as performance, code size and power consumption in rapidly evolving hardware and software environments.

A Factor Graph Approach to Automated Design of Bayesian Signal Processing Algorithms

8 Nov 20181 code implementation

This paper explores a specific probabilistic programming paradigm, namely message passing in Forney-style factor graphs (FFGs), in the context of automated design of efficient Bayesian signal processing algorithms.