Identifying and Analyzing Cryptocurrency Manipulations in Social Media

4 Feb 20191 code implementation

Because of the speed and relative anonymity offered by social platforms such as Twitter and Telegram, social media has become a preferred platform for scammers who wish to spread false hype about the cryptocurrency they are trying to pump.

A Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for the Financial Portfolio Management Problem

30 Jun 201714 code implementations

They are, along with a number of recently reviewed or published portfolio-selection strategies, examined in three back-test experiments with a trading period of 30 minutes in a cryptocurrency market.


Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management with Deep Reinforcement Learning

5 Dec 20161 code implementation

Portfolio management is the decision-making process of allocating an amount of fund into different financial investment products.


WaveNet: A Generative Model for Raw Audio

12 Sep 201632 code implementations

This paper introduces WaveNet, a deep neural network for generating raw audio waveforms.


Predictive analysis of Bitcoin price considering social sentiments

16 Jan 20201 code implementation

We report on the use of sentiment analysis on news and social media to analyze and predict the price of Bitcoin.


Cryptocurrency Address Clustering and Labeling

30 Mar 2020no code implementations

Anonymity is one of the most important qualities of blockchain technology.

Sensing Social Media Signals for Cryptocurrency News

27 Mar 2019no code implementations

The ability to track and monitor relevant and important news in real-time is of crucial interest in multiple industrial sectors.

Deep convolutional autoencoder for cryptocurrency market analysis

27 Oct 2019no code implementations

This study attempts to analyze patterns in cryptocurrency markets using a special type of deep neural networks, namely a convolutional autoencoder.

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Detection

14 Mar 2020no code implementations

In this paper, we propose a novel hybrid pump and dump detection method based on distance and density metrics.


Anticipating cryptocurrency prices using machine learning

22 May 2018no code implementations

Machine learning and AI-assisted trading have attracted growing interest for the past few years.