OptNet: Differentiable Optimization as a Layer in Neural Networks

ICML 2017 4 code implementations

This paper presents OptNet, a network architecture that integrates optimization problems (here, specifically in the form of quadratic programs) as individual layers in larger end-to-end trainable deep networks.


Neural Architecture Search with Bayesian Optimisation and Optimal Transport

NeurIPS 2018 1 code implementation

A common use case for BO in machine learning is model selection, where it is not possible to analytically model the generalisation performance of a statistical model, and we resort to noisy and expensive training and validation procedures to choose the best model.


Boda-RTC: Productive Generation of Portable, Efficient Code for Convolutional Neural Networks on Mobile Computing Platforms

1 Jun 20161 code implementation

Results are presented for a case study of targeting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 mobile computing platform for CNN deployment.


Protein identification with deep learning: from abc to xyz

8 Oct 20171 code implementation

We combine two modules de novo sequencing and database search into a single deep learning framework for peptide identification, and integrate de Bruijn graph assembly technique to offer a complete solution to reconstruct protein sequences from tandem mass spectrometry data.

Deeper Profiles and Cascaded Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks for state-of-the-art Protein Secondary Structure Prediction

Scientific Reports 2019 1 code implementation

In spite of this, even the most sophisticated ab initio SS predictors are not able to reach the theoretical limit of three-state prediction accuracy (88–90%), while only a few predict more than the 3 traditional Helix, Strand and Coil classes.


Neural networks grown and self-organized by noise

NeurIPS 2019 2 code implementations

The algorithm is adaptable to a wide-range of input-layer geometries, robust to malfunctioning units in the first layer, and so can be used to successfully grow and self-organize pooling architectures of different pool-sizes and shapes.

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