Decentralized & Collaborative AI on Blockchain

16 Jul 20191 code implementation

Machine learning has recently enabled large advances in artificial intelligence, but these tend to be highly centralized.


Biscotti: A Ledger for Private and Secure Peer-to-Peer Machine Learning

24 Nov 20181 code implementation

Federated Learning is the current state of the art in supporting secure multi-party ML: data is maintained on the owner's device and is aggregated through a secure protocol.

A Probabilistic Model of the Bitcoin Blockchain

7 Nov 20181 code implementation

The Bitcoin transaction graph is a public data structure organized as transactions between addresses, each associated with a logical entity.

Characterizing Entities in the Bitcoin Blockchain

29 Oct 20181 code implementation

Bitcoin has created a new exchange paradigm within which financial transactions can be trusted without an intermediary.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

13 Feb 2018no code implementations

It is undeniable that artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain concepts are spreading at a phenomenal rate.

Blockchain Enabled Trustless API Marketplace

5 Dec 2018no code implementations

Typically, a data owner (API provider) develops a model, often over proprietary data, and leverages the infrastructure services of a cloud vendor for hosting and serving API requests.


Distributed Data Vending on Blockchain

15 Mar 2018no code implementations

However, one key challenge in distributed data vending is the trade-off dilemma between the effectiveness of data retrieval, and the leakage risk from indexing the data.

AI-enabled Blockchain: An Outlier-aware Consensus Protocol for Blockchain-based IoT Networks

17 Jun 2019no code implementations

To that end, we propose AI-enabled blockchain (AIBC) with a 2-step consensus protocol that uses an outlier detection algorithm for consensus in an IoT network implemented on hyperledger fabric platform.


CIoTA: Collaborative IoT Anomaly Detection via Blockchain

10 Mar 2018no code implementations

However, an anomaly detection model must be trained for a long time in order to capture all benign behaviors.


BAFFLE : Blockchain based Aggregator Free Federated Learning

16 Sep 2019no code implementations

A key aspect of Federated Learning (FL) is the requirement of a centralized aggregator to select and integrate models from various user devices.