MAgent: A Many-Agent Reinforcement Learning Platform for Artificial Collective Intelligence

2 Dec 20173 code implementations

Unlike previous research platforms on single or multi-agent reinforcement learning, MAgent focuses on supporting the tasks and the applications that require hundreds to millions of agents.


Machine Learning in Python: Main developments and technology trends in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

12 Feb 20201 code implementation

Smarter applications are making better use of the insights gleaned from data, having an impact on every industry and research discipline.

DeepStack: Expert-Level Artificial Intelligence in No-Limit Poker

6 Jan 20171 code implementation

Poker is the quintessential game of imperfect information, and a longstanding challenge problem in artificial intelligence.


A System for Accessible Artificial Intelligence

1 May 20171 code implementation

While artificial intelligence (AI) has become widespread, many commercial AI systems are not yet accessible to individual researchers nor the general public due to the deep knowledge of the systems required to use them.

SAI, a Sensible Artificial Intelligence that plays Go

11 Sep 20181 code implementation

We propose a multiple-komi modification of the AlphaGo Zero/Leela Zero paradigm.

VERIFAI: A Toolkit for the Design and Analysis of Artificial Intelligence-Based Systems

12 Feb 20191 code implementation

We present VERIFAI, a software toolkit for the formal design and analysis of systems that include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) components.

AlphaGomoku: An AlphaGo-based Gomoku Artificial Intelligence using Curriculum Learning

27 Sep 20181 code implementation

In this project, we combine AlphaGo algorithm with Curriculum Learning to crack the game of Gomoku.

AI Programmer: Autonomously Creating Software Programs Using Genetic Algorithms

17 Sep 20171 code implementation

In this paper, we present the first-of-its-kind machine learning (ML) system, called AI Programmer, that can automatically generate full software programs requiring only minimal human guidance.

Deep Reinforcement One-Shot Learning for Artificially Intelligent Classification Systems

4 Aug 20181 code implementation

Second, we develop the first open-source software for practical artificially intelligent one-shot classification systems with limited resources for the benefit of researchers in related fields.


Explanation in Artificial Intelligence: Insights from the Social Sciences

22 Jun 20171 code implementation

There has been a recent resurgence in the area of explainable artificial intelligence as researchers and practitioners seek to make their algorithms more understandable.