Learnable Triangulation of Human Pose

14 May 2019Karim IskakovEgor BurkovVictor LempitskyYury Malkov

We present two novel solutions for multi-view 3D human pose estimation based on new learnable triangulation methods that combine 3D information from multiple 2D views. The first (baseline) solution is a basic differentiable algebraic triangulation with an addition of confidence weights estimated from the input images... (read more)

PDF Abstract

Evaluation results from the paper

 SOTA for 3D Human Pose Estimation on Human3.6M (using extra training data)

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Task Dataset Model Metric name Metric value Global rank Uses extra
training data
3D Human Pose Estimation Human3.6M Learnable Triangulation of Human Pose Average MPJPE (mm) 20.80 # 1