OMICS (Open Mind Indoor Common Sense)

Introduced by Rakesh Gupta et al. in Common Sense Data Acquisition for Indoor Mobile Robots

OMICS is an extensive collection of knowledge for indoor service robots gathered from internet users. Currently, it contains 48 tables capturing different sorts of knowledge. Each tuple of the Help table maps a user desire to a task that may meet the desire (e.g., ⟨ “feel thirsty”, “by offering drink” ⟩). Each tuple of the Tasks/Steps table decomposes a task into several steps (e.g., ⟨ “serve a drink”, 0. “get a glass”, 1. “get a bottle”, 2. “fill class from bottle”, 3. “give class to person” ⟩). Given this, OMICS offers useful knowledge about hierarchism of naturalistic instructions, where a high-level user request (e.g., “serve a drink”) can be reduced to lower-level tasks (e.g., “get a glass”, ⋯). Another feature of OMICS is that elements of any tuple in an OMICS table are semantically related according to a predefined template. This facilitates the semantic interpretation of the OMICS tuples.

Source: Understanding User Instructions by Utilizing Open Knowledge for Service Robots


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