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Consistent Instance False Positive Improves Fairness in Face Recognition

Tencent/TFace 10 Jun 2021

Then, an additional penalty term, which is in proportion to the ratio of instance FPR overall FPR, is introduced into the denominator of the softmax-based loss.

Face Recognition Fairness

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Graph Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing: A Survey

graph4ai/graph4nlp 10 Jun 2021

Deep learning has become the dominant approach in coping with various tasks in Natural LanguageProcessing (NLP).

graph construction Graph Representation Learning

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Rethinking Space-Time Networks with Improved Memory Coverage for Efficient Video Object Segmentation

hkchengrex/STCN 9 Jun 2021

This paper presents a simple yet effective approach to modeling space-time correspondences in the context of video object segmentation.

Semantic Segmentation Semi-Supervised Video Object Segmentation +1

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Drafting and Revision: Laplacian Pyramid Network for Fast High-Quality Artistic Style Transfer

PaddlePaddle/PaddleGAN 12 Apr 2021

Inspired by the common painting process of drawing a draft and revising the details, we introduce a novel feed-forward method named Laplacian Pyramid Network (LapStyle).

Style Transfer

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Anisotropic Stroke Control for Multiple Artists Style Transfer

neuralchen/ASMAGAN 16 Oct 2020

Furthermore, the results are with distinctive artistic style and retain the anisotropic semantic information.

Style Transfer

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ImageNet-21K Pretraining for the Masses

Alibaba-MIIL/ImageNet21K 22 Apr 2021

ImageNet-1K serves as the primary dataset for pretraining deep learning models for computer vision tasks.

Action Recognition Fine-Grained Image Classification +2

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Convolutional Neural Networks with Gated Recurrent Connections

Jianf-Wang/GRCNN 5 Jun 2021

The critical element of RCNN is the recurrent convolutional layer (RCL), which incorporates recurrent connections between neurons in the standard convolutional layer.

Object Detection Object Recognition +2

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Scientific Language Models for Biomedical Knowledge Base Completion: An Empirical Study

rahuln/lm-bio-kgc 17 Jun 2021

Biomedical knowledge graphs (KGs) hold rich information on entities such as diseases, drugs, and genes.

Knowledge Base Completion Knowledge Graphs +1

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Emerging Properties in Self-Supervised Vision Transformers

lucidrains/vit-pytorch 29 Apr 2021

In this paper, we question if self-supervised learning provides new properties to Vision Transformer (ViT) that stand out compared to convolutional networks (convnets).

Copy Detection Self-Supervised Image Classification +3

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GraphiT: Encoding Graph Structure in Transformers

inria-thoth/GraphiT 10 Jun 2021

We show that viewing graphs as sets of node features and incorporating structural and positional information into a transformer architecture is able to outperform representations learned with classical graph neural networks (GNNs).

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